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Meet The “Cool Kids”: The Story Of Echosmith

Echosmith “Taling Dreams” (2014 Re-Release) Warner Bros Records

Ever since the Sierota siblings hit the scene as the Pop/Rock sensation Echosmith, they have become one of the most talked about bands on the charts. With top 10 hits like “Cool Kids”, and “Bright”, this family band-turned platinum act for Warner Bros Records is hotter than ever! In this exclusive interview, Echosmith lead singer Sydney Sierota told us the band’s remarkable story of how they  went from being YouTube singers to Pop stars with a growing fan base around the world! So sit back, relax, click the play button, and Meet The “Cool Kids”: The Story Of Echosmith!

Audio Feature Credits 

Host: Matt Clizbe

Interview By Craig Clizbe  and Matt Clizbe

Written By: Craig Clizbe

Produced By: Craig Clizbe, Matt Clizbe, And Gregory Watton

Edited, Mixed, and Engineered By Craig Clizbe

Special Thanks: Sydney Sierota, Echosmith, Jefferey David, Carl Roberts, Jaime Rosenberg, And Gregory Watton, Warner Bros Records