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November 15, 2017 – Prolific songwriter Matt Nathanson premieres the official music video for the poignant song “Bill Murray” via Vevo today.  The video depicts a fictional journey Nathanson and Murray take around the world and the lessons learned along the way.  The video features Elan Gale, producer for ABC’s The Bachelor and Milly C. Quinn from the series Castle. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ABOVE. 

Nathanson explains: “Celebrity is such a huge part of our culture. So much so that whenever I’m asked, “If you could hang out with one celebrity who would it be?” Well, the list is short. It’s really a list of one:  Bill Murray. In a Kardashian world, Bill Murray is the anti-Kardashian. He lives his public life in this amazingly unselfconscious, passionate way. Makes creative decisions – from what I can tell – based purely on what he WANTS to do and he refuses to play the game of celebrity and that is super inspiring. So I wrote this song about Bill and me hanging out for 100 days, Thelma and Louise-ing our way across the world. In the song, Bill rains down sage advice on me about the world and relationships and love, like I imagine he does with his actual, real-life friends.” 
“Bill Murray” is one of the featured songs from Nathanson’s latest release Show Me Your Fangs, which has been hailed by fans and critics alike as his most poetic and compelling album to date.  For latest updates on Matt Nathanson visit
“Bill Murray”
I fell asleep / Had a dream
Bill Murray and I were friends
We drove the world / From Boston to Japan
Blasting old Van Halen / And one night over drinks
Bill started crying
He said to me “kid, of all the stupid things I ever did
You know, I let her go when I should have pulled her in”
And he handed me his cell phone
When I called you were on your plane
Moving back to Portland for the rain
I won’t only love you when you’re winning
Other fools pretend to understand
Come on take my hand and we’ll go down swinging
Let me be your man
A hundred days / We hiked the coast
Of Galway in the rain / And Bill said something
Late one night in Spain / And it’s always just stuck with me
“You only get one person knows you best
And it’s temporary everybody else”
I’m done with sleep / Imagined things
Cause dreams aren’t dreams
Til you wake up / So wake up
Just wake up here with me