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Mary Lambert Introduces Herself To The Mainstream Following Macklemore And Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” Success

Mary Lambert

One of the VMA performances we feel didn’t get enough attention following the Miley Cyrus fall out was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ live rendition of “Same Love.” The indie Hip Hop super stars won the VMA for best social message, and were joined by the track’s featured singer Mary Lambert, and surprise guest performer Jennifer Hudson. The performance served as another great example of the boundary pushing bravery that everyone involved applied to the Hip Hop genre.  Like we’ve already said in previous posts, it is the perfect articulation of how homosexuality can be viewed, learned about, and understood by straight persons that have gay people in their lives.

The song also continues to make great waves of steady cultural change in new ways because of its impact. Now, in addition to being an anthem for marriage equality, “Same Love,” and its associated smash hit album The Heist is serving as a vehicle of recognition for the quality artists that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis associate themselves with. Mary Lambert in particular has used the boost of the VMA spotlight to step out on her own, and use VEVO to show her own touching music to the mainstream.

On August 24th, the Saturday before sharing the VMA stage with Maclemore and Ryan Lewis, Marry debuted her own song, “She Keeps Me Warm” on VEVO. The song shares many of the lyrics from “Same Love’s” hook, and also features its own music video narrative about same sex love. Marry described her goals for the videeo’s concept in a statement that she posted on her website.

“I spent two years thinking about making this video and why it was important and necessary. Your resounding support for “Same Love”and “She Keeps Me Warm” is the reason I feel empowered to release this video today. I never expected to hear men AND women singing the lyrics, “she keeps me warm” right along with me. I thought girls would feel weird about the pronoun of “she” and I certainly didn’t want to alienate an audience. But you didn’t care. Nobody cared about a fucking pronoun. You let me sing about my girl across the country and supported me and cried with me and laughed with me. You cared about love. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT.

This music video is about love and it’s about visibility. I could be wrong, but I’ve never seen a relationship like mine accurately portrayed in a music video. I’ve seen women rolling around in lingerie, bisexual love triangles, women cheating on their boyfriends with a girl- definitely.

So this is where I need to say one thing explicitly: gay relationships are not, nor have ever, been a novelty. My love is valid, equal, and beautiful.

With this video, my hope is that you think of the first time you fell in love with that one person. The person you were so terrified to hold hands with. You daydreamed about them, wrote letters you might never give to them, had to know anything and everything about them, and couldn’t believe that they actually liked you back. Maybe it was a time when you were less jaded, or maybe you had your defenses up and they slipped the rug underneath you when you weren’t expecting it. Whatever it was in those moments, it was incredible. It was easy. It was nervous glances and sweaty palms.

My intention is not a political one, although gay relationships are inherently political whether we want them to be or not; My intention was to make a love story. I hope you fall in love with this and share it with all of your loves. Thank you so much for your overwhelming support. My heart is filled with massive amounts of gratitude.



Hip Hop Fans of yesteryear are likely to remember that British Pop/Rock singer Dido got a  boost into the mainstream in a similar fashion. Her song “Thank You” was sampled to be part of  Eminiem’s Hip Hop drama, “Stan”, in 2001. The exposure helped “Thank you” climb the Billboard 200 to the number 3 spot. Dido has worked as a musician making quality music in her genre ever since. Her latest album Girl Who Got Away, was released this past March.  Will Mary Lambert have her own “Stan” experience? Check it out below and see what you think. Go get em Mary!

Mary Lambert

“She Keeps Me Warm”


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