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Maroon 5 Welcomes “Overexposed” Album To Stores With The Debut Of Their “One More Night” Music Video

Maroon 5 Logo

Maroon 5 Logo

The success of Maroon 5’s fourth album Overexposed continues to turn heads of fans and the industry alike. The band is still riding high off of their hit “Payphone” which made its share of history,  setting the record for most digital sales made by a group in one week ever in history with 493,000 digital units sold.  This made it the highest debuting Pop song since *Nsync released the lead single to their third album Celebrity called “Pop”, which was released in June of 2001.

Naturally, the band wouldn’t be in a hurry to fix something that wasn’t broken. To follow up there record breaking hit, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine turned to Overexposed’s executive  producer Max Martin, who happened to also work with previous Pop song record holders *Nsync  and several of today’s hottest artists like Katy Perry Pink, Usher Kesha, and others. Together Marin and Levine teamed up with  his partner Shellback, and renowned Producer and song writer Savan Kotecha to pen and produce what would become the album’s second single  called “One More Night”.

Before fans had time to take their minds off of the action packed music video for “Payphone”, “One More Night” rolled out without hesitation on June 19th, with an MTV premiered music video yesterday.  It features Adam Levine playing the role of a family man boxer who’s balancing the drama of his career with the relationship ups and downs with his on screen love interest, actress Minka Kelly.  It was published to the band’s Vevo channel today for you to watch.  We’ve embedded it for your viewing pleasure below.  If you dig it, you may also want to know that Overexposed was officially released in stores today for you to pick it up.

Maroon 5

“One More Night” (Official Music Video)

From: Overexposed

Octone A&M/Interscope Records

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