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Maroon 5 Debuts Action Packed Music Video For “Payphone”

Video Still From Maroon 5's "Payphone" Music Video

Video Still From Maroon 5's "Payphone" Music Video

Fresh off of NBC’s finale of The Voice earlier this week, Team Adam coach Adam Levine returns promptly to his day job with his band Maroon 5 to release the official music video for their current single, “Payphone” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Even though Adam’s schedule has been pretty full mentoring others for TV, its pretty clear that lots of time was also put into this very elaborate video too.  In it the video opens with Adam at the side of the road, with only a payphone to aid him with his troubles.  Then as he begins to dial, the video flashes back to reveal that Adam is  infact playing the role of a banker who ended up at the side of that road by heroically saving his attractive female coworker, and distracting the mislead police officers so she can get to safety.

It appears that little expense was spared.  In this video there are luxury cars, explosions, gun fire, and a high speed car chase. It really does look pretty cool, and Adam does a nice job reminding us that it doesn’t suck being a rock star.  The Maroon 5 frontman expressed his appreciation for the highly charged video during a recent chat with MTV.

“It’s a real go-for-it, swing-for-the-fences video,”  Levine described. “I get brave and I steal a gun from one of the guys and try to be a bad-ass, which is weird, because I’m not a badass.”

The Maroon 5 Frontman then took the opportunity to express his appreciation for rapper, Wiz Khalifa, and describe what it was like to have him featured on the track with him.

“He’s just the future.” he said, “Within 30 minutes he had this incredible verse and he’d already knocked it out. That dude is really prolific and really talented.”

As we previously reported, in addition to having a pretty cool video, “Payphone” has gone down as the highest selling digital single in one weeks time span for any group in Sound Scan history. Overexposed Maroon 5’s latest album, which features “Payphone”  Overexposed is due to hit stores on June.  If the video is any indication, its probably gonna have a lot to offer.  Take a look and see if you think so.

Maroon 5 Featuring Wiz Khalifa

“Payphone” (Explicit Lyrics)

From: Overexposed

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