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Marky Mark Following Brother Donnie’s Lead For a Return To Music? A Look Back At Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch

Donnie Wahlberg Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg & Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg

Are  you someone who remembers Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch?  If so, than the recent news of their reunion provided by the UK’s Heat Magazine is probably extremely interesting to you.  “Well, the Funky Bunch wants to get back out there,” Wahlber told Heat. “I’ve just got to find the right time. We might, though.” We decided to take a look back on everything Marky, and see if we could figure out the roots of this possible reunion.

Yes that’s right, for those of you who don’t know, Marky Mark is actor Mark Wahlberg.  In the eyes of many fans, he’s made his career doing major feature films like, Fear, Boogie Nights, Three Kings, Perfect Storm, The Departed, The Other Guys, and Ted among many others.  However, before his acting stars aligned, his main avenue into the world of entertainment was as a rapper.

Many already know that Mark is the younger brother of New Kids On The Block founder, and Blue Bloods star, Donnie Walhberg. This gave him an early leg up in the business, and the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a star in his own right. Despite having a criminally oriented adolescence, Donnie helped him rebound  when the brothers created  Mark’s early 90s Hip Hop persona, Marky Mark. As Marky, Mark signed to a then very young Interscope Records, which  was formed as an Atlantic Records subsidiary in 1990.  Mark’s Music For The People album followed in July of 1991, as the label’s third release ever. It went on to help stabilize both Mark, and the label.  Its lead single “Good Vibrations” became Interscope’s first number 1 single on Billboard’s  Hot 100 chart.

That success lead to another album called You Gotta Believe, an underwear modeling career for Calvin Kline, and a budding acting career in movies like 1993’s The Substitute, where he was credited as “Marky Mark.” However,  once he broke through as an actor, he consciously was credited as Mark Walhberg, and began to distance himself from his  Marky Mark persona.  To an extent this made sense.  The success of his rapping career was, for the most part limited to “Good Vibrations.”  His evolution in the public eye made music and Marky a bad mix for the bigger goals his career would achieve. so, dropping the name, seemingly allowed him to make a clean break, and evolve into his current brand. So, our question was, why reunite with his otherwise nameless posse known as “Th Funky Bunch” 22 years after their debut?

Well, in 2010 Wahlberg told Time Magazine that Justin Bieber was the only one that could get him to rap again.  We however, think the answer is a little bit closer to home.  New Kids On The Block members, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood  were both involved the creation of his “Funky Bunch sound,” during their peak of popularity.  Right or wrong, it makes sense that the 20 something Marky become collateral damage to the very  harsh New Kids backlash of the 90s. Now that he’s grown to be a bankable, Oscar nominated actor, and shot calling executive producer, the tides have turned, and the likelihood of a successful return to music can once again be measured by, and paralleled to that of his New Kids On The Block family.

Just like in the 90s, New Kids tested the waters first.  NKOTB reunited in 08, fueled by the fresh Pop sound of their The Block album, which featured production and writing by the likes of Ne-Yo, and The Messengers.  That lead to  the very successful NKOTB reunion tour, and the NKOTBSB album and tours with Backstreet Boys, that reignited  boy band interest for US music fans. Considering the fact that Mark has made very high profile appearances with the group, like introducing them on tour at Fenway Park, the time seems more right for a Marky comeback than ever before.  After all, if New Kids On The Block can still be pitching for radio spins in 2013 with  “I Like The Remix,” what’s stopping Mark?  He does everything else that he wants to do.

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