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Mariah Gets The Minajic Touch

mariah-nicki-video-shootIf one ever needed to learn how to be a successful female rapper in the Digital era, all they need to do is cusult Nicki Minaj. The Young Money managed is poised to be one of 2010’s most anticipated emcees.  Much of this is attributed to her uncanny ability to combine clever and often goofy rhymes  with being paired up with some the best supporters one could hope for in the Music industry.  Having a mixtape known all across the country, being discovered and signed by Lil Wayne, and working with several industry notables, including Clizbeats featured artist Robin Thicke, this girl has got it going on!  Well apparently Mariah Carrey hopes to use miss Nicki as her net musical luck charm.  As it was serviced out officially to music media outlets yesterday, and buzzed about in a leak at least a week before, Mimi, has enlisted Nicki Minaj as the guest rapper for the remix to her song, “Up Out My Face.”  Produced by The Dream, and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, the bubbly track of female independence in the face of a relationship gone bad will be included in Mariah’s Angels Advocate album Scheduled for release February 23rd.  Check out Nicki and Mimi Doing Their thing see if you like it!

Mariah Carrey F/Nicki Minaj

“Up Out My Face” Remix

Island Records/IDMG