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Making Music With No Rules: The Story Of Nasri and His Band Magic!


Last Year Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter/producer, Nasri shot to superstardom when he stepped out from behind the boards producing other artists, to front his acclaimed Reggae-fusion band Magic! In this in-depth exclusive interview  you will hear the story of how Nasri went from being an aspiring R&B singer from Toronto, to having one of the best-selling singles of 2014 with Magic’s smash hit, “Rude.”

Nasri tells us about his struggle as a singer/songwriter, before getting discovered by, Donnie Wahlberg with a reuniting New Kids On The Block. You will also be able to hear how working closely with Donnie allowed Nasri and his songwriting partner Adam Messinger to form the massively successful production duo, the Messengers, who would help craft hits for Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, The Wanted, Pitbull and more.

Nasri and Adam’s laid-back approach to making what became some hugely successful Pop music, eventually led to Nasri meeting his band mates Mark Pellizzer, Ben Spivak, and Alex Tanas, while working in the studio. Nasri talked about how jamming out with his band-mates gave birth to the genre bending sound of Reggae, Pop, and Soul that can be heard on their Latium/RCA Records debut, Don’t Kill The Magic. Take some time to enjoy this detailed conversation about songwriting, creativity, struggle and success that involves some of your favorite music. This is an inspirational story told with the optimism of the man who lived it! It is our pleasure to introduce you to Nasri, the man who discovered in himself the gift of making music with no rules!

Entire Interview (26:39)


Interview Chapter Selection

Chapter 1 Of 5 “Songs In The Key Of Life”

Nasri talks about discovering his musical talent and finding his artistic inspiration in listening to Stevie Wonder


Chapter 2 Of 5 “The War Against The Music”

Nasri discusses his struggles as a R&B artist, and how they led to him making the decision to become a songwriter for other artists

Chapter 3 Of 5 “Click, Click, Click, Summertime On The Block”

Nasri tells the story of how his music inspired Donnie Wahlberg To Reunite New Kids On The Block,

Chapter 4 of 5 “Never Say Never: The Messengers”

After finding success with New Kids On The Block reunion album, “The Block” Nasri and Adam began making hits for younger artists. In this chapter you hear Nasri talk about his bond with pop star, Justin Bieber.


Chapter 5 of 5 “Don’t Kill The Magic”

After making hits with stars like The Wanted, Iggy Azalea, Chris Brown and others Nasri and and his band mates from Magic met while working in the studio. Hear the story of how the band came together, came up with their unique sound, and created their smash hit “Rude”, which was based on a “true” story.

Audio Feature Credits

Host: Matt Clizbe

Interviewers: Craig Clizbe And Matt Clizbe

Written, Produced, Mixed And Engineered By: Craig Clizbe

Special Thanks: Nasri, Magic!, Joe Daddio, Meghan Kehoe, Latium Entertainment, RCA Records