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“Love The Way You Lie Part 2”! By Rihanna Featuring Eminem!

Emiem and Rihanna at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Emiem and Rihanna at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

It has only been a little over a season since Rihanna released her last single from her album, Rated R. Now only months down the line, she is two singles deep into the promotion cycle for her new album, Lowd. The project is due in stores on November 12th from SRP/Def Jam Records. While the album’s current single, “What’s My Name?” featuring Drake is without a doubt a radio smash, it is easy being eclipsed by the talk about a track that almost never made the album!

Loud will feature a sequel to “Love The Way You Lie”, the single from  Eminem that is quickly considered by many to be one of the biggest collaborations of her career. “Love The Way You Lie Part 2” is a new song produced by the previous song’s producer, Alex Da Kid. It is constructed to allow Rihanna to have an expanded role as a singing vocalist as the female in the song, while Eminem only raps one verse as the male perspective on the song. This idea was one that Rihanna was first very reluctant to do since Eminem’s song was such a huge hit and means so much to so many including herself. She then decided to make part 2 when Alex Da Kid’s idea for the song came together so well. Eminem also later gave his blessing by recording additional lyrics for the song. As a result the version of “Love The Way You Lie Part 2” will be another remembered by many. Also a broken down, piano only version without Eminem will be featured as an ITunes Bonus Track for Loud.

Take a listen to the song that everyone is already talking about!

 Rihanna Featuring Eminem

“Love The Way You Lie Part 2”

From Loud

SRP/Def Jam Records/IDJMG