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Linkin Park “Powerless” Over Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Linkin Park's "Living Things" Warner Bros Records

Linkin Park's "Living Things" Warner Bros Records

A big weekend is approaching for Linkin Park. The genre bending Rock band will have their latest song Powerless play over the credits of the the 20th Century Fox film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Pairing up with the unconventional film that is being described as a historical thriller will be a source for  movie goers to get a taste of the band’s Living Things album. As we previously reported, Living Things’ production is handled by rapper front man Mike Shinoda, and veteran production legend Rick Rubin.  Living Things is said to be a deliberate blending   of several different elements from Linkin Park’s four prior albums.  It should make for an interesting over all sound.

Living Things is set to hit retailers on June 26th. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter debuts in theaters this Friday, June 22nd.  If you are one of the many eager Linkin Park fans that can’t wait for the movie in order to hear the anticipated song, Warner Bros Records and 20th Century Fox has provided a music based trailer for you to enjoy.  Check it out below

Linkin Park


Music Trailer

From Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter/Living Things

Warner Bros Records