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Lil Wayne’s Powerful New Music Video For How To Love

how to love video still

Still Shot From Lil Wayne's Music Video For "How To Love"

Lil Wayne has made the news again.  This time it is regarding the heart wrenching music video that is packed with scenes of sincere drama from beginning to end.  The video opens on a woman in an abortion clinic , that scene is then blended  scenes of other women in scenes of domestic abuse, stripping, and prostitution, capitalizing on the songs essential point of the fact that even though things like sex and relationships very often consume a person’s personal world, those people need to always realize that whether when it comes to themselves or to those that love them, it is very important to always remember “how to love”.   Serving as one of the deepest music video’s that the 28 year old Wayne has ever been a part of.  It even includes a bone chilling scene where one of the women are diagnosed with HiV.  This video is a must see!

MTV Reported that Wayne personally wrote every scene of the video.  It is a welcomed example of depth that the Tha Carter IIII will album will hopefully have more of to offer.  The album is scheduled for digital release at midnight on August 29th.  You can also find the video on MTV’s various digital music channels on the hour.  Enjoy!

Lil Wayne

“How To Love”

Cash Money/Universal Republic Records Group