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Lil Wayne Says Cash Money Violated His Contract, Owing Him $ 8 Million And The Right To Be A Free Agent

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The Cash Money and Young Money Records battle took a major turn over the weekend. Lil Wayne announced that he would be suing Cash Money and its CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams. TMZ’s exclusive reports that Weezy plans to sue Cash Money for the $8 million advance that he says the label owes him for his yet to be released Tha Cater 5 album. Perhaps more importantly, Wayne also intends to use the suit to prove that holding back the release of his album violates his contract with the label, providing him the out needed to leave and become a free agent for the first time in his career. As we reported, this is a huge deal because being signed to Cash Money since he was 9 years old provided a great deal of needed foundation in his life, and in return, he’s largely responsible for much of it’s success and stabilization in pop culture as their flagship artist.

Birdman’s response to the issue was that he would release the album “in due time.” In response to things TMZ has learned that Wayne plans to continue to record music away from the Cash Money umbrella. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.