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Lil Wayne Is Released From The Hospital, But Is He OKay?: A Deeper Look At Lil Wayne’s Seizures

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

TMZ and various other sources there after have reported that Rap music icon Lil Wayne has been released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood. TMZ was already noted for breaking the story that the rapper was admitted for having seizures this past Tuesday night. In typical TMZ fashion, they were first to report that he returned, and was placed in intensive care later in that week.  However now that he has been released from the hospital only days later, questions have been raised in regards to how TMZ felt justified in reporting Wayne’s near death status at the end of last week.

As soon as the news of Lil Wayne’s status in the ICU broke from TMZ, so did various other conflicting reports. Some of those reports were coming directly from Wayne’s entourage and friends on Twitter. They included word from Wayne’s friend, and Young Money Entertainment’s president, Mack Maine, and frequent collaborator, T.I.. Both of them were explicitly denouncing TMZ’s reports, and were calling them insensitive for reporting such false news without considering how it effected Wayne’s  loved ones. Another conflicting report came yesterday when Wayne’s father figure, Cash Money Records co founder, Brian “Birdman” Williams called into New York’s Hot 97 radio station for an interview. In the interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, Birdman said that Wayne just needed to rest, and would be home soon.

In many cases one would often be very dismissive of reports from a tabloid full of paparazzi style reporting like TMZ. However, despite their reputation for following stars like Lindsay Lohan around Los Angeles to report any minute changes in her personal life, when it comes to serious stories regarding celebrity deaths or injuries, TMZ is usually correct in their reporting. They were in fact the first to accurately report the details of the passing of Michael Jackson in June 2009. TMZ’s reports about MJ hit the web hours before any part of the mainstream media even felt comfortable acknowledging them as a possibility. We know now however, that TMZ was right, and it is not hard to see why. We are talking about an organization that makes it their business to report some very detailed accounts of events in celebrities’ personal lives. They have many very well placed sources all around Hollywood, and are able to see when something is a miss at key places like hospitals in the area.

With that said , this story about Wayne has caused many media outlets to take a closer look at TMZ’s process, as they try to answer the many raised questions about TMZ’s journalistic ethics.  Yesterday CBS’ put together a comprehensive report on the many types of stories discussing the status of Lil Wayne’s health. In that special report they dared to ask many music journalists the question, what would be the right thing to do when reporting stories like this one. (Click highlighted text for article)  In related news, also recently published a story exploring the possible origin of Wayne’s many seizures. ( updated Report 3/19/13) Plus during Wayne’s time in the ICU, TMZ claimed that when he was on Twitter  assuring his followers that he was okay, he was actually sleeping. This is one of the things that caused Wayne’s camp to speak out against TMZ at the time. Was Wayne the one behind the mystery tweet? Celebrity gossip blog tries to answer that question as they spotlight XXL’s recent conversation with Mack Maine about the it. Was Lil Wayne actually the one behind his tweet? Is he really as healthy as Birdman claimed him to be? All these questions will no doubt be answered soon. As always,  keep checking in with us at for a deeper look at the important details as they are revealed.

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