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Lil Wayne Is Readying A New Album

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

It looks like YMCMB’s flagship artist and leader, Lil Wayne is working on a new album yet again.  He discussed the album to be which will reportedly be titled  Devol with MTV News.   The album’s theme is “my version of love songs.”he revealed to MTV’s  RapFix Live. “What I mean by my version of love songs is meaning they’re not saying, ‘I love you.’ It’s all material I did when I was locked up.”

If the album’s title is any kind of hint, his take on “love” is sure to be interesting.  To see this, all one needs to do is recognize that Devol is love spelled backwards. What does that mean for what the rest of the album has in store?  We’ll keep you posted as more details are made available.  

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