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#ICYMI: Lil Wayne “Got Into It” With Crowd Before Weekend Bus Shooting

Lil Wayne

In case you missed the news over the weekend, rapper Lil Wayne’s tour bus took gun fire in the early hours of Sunday morning. According TMZ, the incident happened when Wayne’s bus pulled away from the Compound night club shortly after 3:30AM in Atlanta. Police currently have no suspects, but according to TMZ’s continued reporting, sources from Compound say that Wayne “got into it” with several people in the club crowd before security ejected a heckler.

Although it’s unclear what was said, onlookers say it was clear that the rapper was very angry before he was escorted to the bus with extra security. Shots were then fired at the bus shortly after his departure. His entourage called the police. Wayne’s Young Money label mates Lil Twist and Hood were also on the bus. No one was reported injured.