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Lance Bass is Walking On Air With The Story Of *NSYNC

Lance Bass

Editor’s Note 

Ever since our teenage days playing *NSYNC on our high school radio station, it was always a dream of ours to one day create an outlet where we could interview the artists we grew up listening to. However since *NSYNC broke up long before the web site was created, we never thought that producing such a cool detailed project about them would ever be possible. But that changed after *NSYNC got a splash of coverage in the media for their 2013 reunion. We  really enjoyed Lance Bass’ 2007 book, Out Of Sync. We always thought his unique perspective on the story of *NSYNC was a great one. So therefore when we had the opportunity to interview Lance to help promote his single, “Walking On Air,” we jumped at the opportunity. We are beyond thrilled that he took the time to share so many great details about his life both before and after *NSYNC. Our sincere thanks go out to Lance, his team and everyone at Wright Entertainment Group.

Craig Clizbe and Matt Clizbe

Earlier this summer Lance Bass of the iconic singing group, *NSYNC called into to talk about everything in his life and career. Hear the story of *NSYNC in the way only he can tell it. He told us everything about *NSYNC’s, humble beginnings in Orlando with Lou Pearlman, and how they eventually stood against him in a very public legal battle for their future. He then reflected on some of his favorite memories of their worldwide success after the release of their record breaking second album, No Strings Attached. However this was all happening as Lance was a teen heartthrob to millions of girls with a dark secret. Dive deeper into the other side of *NSYNC’s story and find out what it was like for Lance to be a gay man in the most successful boy band in the world. Learn all this and more this very special exclusive interview right here on!!!

Lance Bass Is Walking On Air With The Story Of *NSYNC 

(Entire Interview) (40:09)

Interview Chapter Selection 

Chapter One Of Nine “More Than A Feeling”

Lance discusses growing up in Mississippi, knowing he was gay at a young age, and discovers performing.

Chapter Two Of Nine: “Its Gonna Be Me”
Lance talks about *NSYNC’s early days. He describes when he first met the other group members, and remembers when they first started singing together. 
Chapter Three Of Nine “Here We Go”
Lance discusses *NSYNC’s rise to fame with RCA Records and BMG,. He describes how the group “signed one of the worst record deals in history” and how they fought thrit way out of it.  
Chapter Four Of Nine: “No Strings Attached”
Lance talks about some of his favorite memories during the peak of *NSYNC’s success after the release of their blockbuster second album, No Strings Attached 
Chapter Five Of Nine “If I Wasn’t A Celebrity….Would You Be My Girlfriend?/”Space Cowboy”
Lance discusses being gay at the height of *NSYNC’s popularity. He describes  hiding his sexuality from his group members and the world. This lead to Lance finding various side projects during times when *NSYNC’s was on hiatus. With that said, he very understandably struggled when the members of *NSYNC went their separate ways.
Chapter Six Of Nine “Mississippi I Am”
After coming out of the closet in 2006, Lance became increasingly involved in gay rights activism. This was best exemplified in his recently released documentary, “Mississippi I Am” , a film that profiles teens growing up in the gay community in his home state of Mississippi.  
Chapter Seven of Nine: “Together Again”
In this chapter Lance talked about the special night *NSYNC had at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards honoring Justin Timberlake with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. 
Chapter Eight Of Nine “Walking On Air”
After reuniting with *NSYNC at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Lance was bitten by the music bug once again. He talked about the unique story behind his first solo single, “Walking On Air” with Anise K and Bella Blue. 
Chapter Nine Of Nine “Dirty Pop”
Lance goes from “Walking On Air” to being on air. In this chapter he talks about what he learned from being on the other side of the microphone as a broadcaster, and interviewing musicians on his radio show, “Dirty Pop With Lance Bass” on Sirius XM.
Audio Feature Credits 

Host: Matt Clizbe

Interview By Craig and Matt Clizbe

Written, Produced, Edited, Mixed, and Engineered By Craig Clizbe

Additional Segment Writing and Production By Matt Clizbe

Special Thanks: Lance Bass, Melinda Bell, Laura Potesta Jeff Raymond, Matthew Ian Rector, and Wright Entertainment Group



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