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Lady Gaga’s “Fame” Perfume Ad: George Orwell’s Worst Fashion Industry Nightmare

Lady Gaga "Fame" Commercial Video Still

Lady Gaga "Fame" Commercial Video Still

Like  with anything else in her career, Lady Gaga created a tone of buzz over her new perfume called Fame. It is probably fair to say that a lot of that buzz largely thanks to the fragrance’s commercial racy commercial that has been quickly circulating online. Although it has been described by to have the sweet smell of “apricot and the essences of saffron and honey”, the 33 second clip is a postmodern imagining of George Orwell’s worst fashion industry nightmare.

In the infamous clip,  a full black body suited Gaga is in a world of images that feature her swimming in, walking through, and having black tar like  ooz flowing out of her mouth.  In this established “black” setting the bazar images flow non stop.   Gaga seemingly commands an army of male fashion models, has cluster of nondescript people climbing on a giant version of her nude body, and makes out with models in that black tar ooz. It is a text book example of sensationalized Pop culture imagery rooted in a various niches of the art world.

Check it our for yourself and see what you think.

Lady Gaga’s “Fame” perfume  commercial