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Lady Gaga Celebrates D.O.M.A. Strike Down VIA Customized Performance Of “The Star Spangled Banner”

Lady Gaga Sings "Star Spangled Banner" At NYC Pride Parade

Lady Gaga Sings "Star Spangled Banner" At NYC Pride Parade

Lady Gaga made a triumphant return to the stage for a live performance at New York City’s Pride Parade 2013 this past Friday. The pop star helped kick the event off by performing a customized version the US national anthem that fittingly matched the pro-gay theme of the event.. This is particularly significant because she used the performance as an opportunity to celebrate the striking down of DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act).  It made for a very personal, emotional, and historic performance of the “Star Spangled Banner.”

In related Gaga news, she was recently named the most powerful musician by Forbes Magazine. That title was granted to her because of an accumulation of her social media influence, and grossing $168 million with her Born This Way Ball Tour.  Lady Gaga is currently hard at work on her forthcoming ARTPOP album.  Check out the speech/performance below. For the complete list of powerful musicians click here.

Lady Gaga National Anthem At NYC Pride 2013