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Killer Mike: Talking Shop With Bernie Sanders In Exclusive Interview

Killer Mike Wither Bernie Sanders at The SWAG Shop in Atlanta

On November 23rd, 2015, rapper and political activist, Killer Mike sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders at The SWAG Shop in Atlanta, GA to discuss topics ranging from gun control to democratic socialism.

In this deep hour-long conversation, the Run the Jewels rapper spoke with Sanders about a broad range of issues in one of the most intelligent, informed, passionate, and respectful discussions out there right now. Although there is some isolated use of adult language when referring to the likes of Donald Trump, we encourage anyone that is of voting age to watch the six parts and really think maturely about the topics at hand.


Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 1/6: Economic Freedom

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 2/6: Social Justice
‪Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 3/6: Rigged Economy

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 4/6: Free Health Care: It Ain’t a Big Deal

‪Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 5/6: This Country Was Started As An Act Of Political Protest
‪Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 6/6: Democrats Win When People Vote