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Ke$ha Gets Animated For Robot Chicken

Ke$ha On Robot Chicken

Ke$ha On Robot Chicken

Pop music’s biggest guilty pleasure, Ke$ha kicked off the new year singing a new kind of tune that is funny, but surprisingly fitting to her fire cracker personality. Sunday night the Pop star used her animated personality on a short but funny cameo on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s award winning stop motion comedy series, Robot Chicken. The show famously uses action figures and various other toys to create animated parody skits. This time Ke$ha plays the role of a cyborg woman who was originally created as a weapon, but as she becomes self aware, her artificial intelligence inspires her to sing a short song about how she wants to use her powers to have as much sex as possible. As always in all things Robot Chicken the show simulates a channel changing to a new skit before the song can get more graphic, or go into further detail. No matter how brief the segment may be, any fan of today’s Pop music will instantly notice Ke$ha’s presence on the show! New episodes of Robot Chicken airs on Sunday nights at 12 midnight, on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block programming. The show has included other well known cameos from other famous artists such as 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Ludacris RZA, Sir Mix A Lot, Gene Simmons, Master P, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy, and *N Sync’s Joey Fatone and Lance Bass to name a few. Away from Robot Chicken Ke$ha has shown her funny side on the 2011 Funny Or Die skit Disney Princess Ke$ha.

In the music world Ke$ha is currently working “C’Mon.” This is  the second single from her sophomore album, Warrior, which was released on   November 30th, 2012 from Keomosabe/RCA Records. She first gave the world a glimpse at the song’s video, when she tweeted a photo of her on set on December 22nd of last year, so stay tuned!

Ke$ha On Robot Chicken (Explicit)

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim

Disney Princess Ke$ha (Explicit)

Funny Or

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Kemosabe/RCA Records