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Katy Perry’s Father Attacked For Raising A Satanic Woman

Katy Perry’s father went viral in a video that features him being scolded by a Christian enthusiast, who calls his daughter wicked. That woman was livid with him for raising a daughter that is leading her son and millions of others to Hell.  This is relatively significant because Perry’s father, Keith Hudson is a minister, who famously raised her as a Christian. The incident shown in the woman’s home video, obtained by TMZ, took place outside of a Christian radio station in Phoenix, Arizona. As you’ll see from playing said video, the woman, known only as Christine, angrily ambushes him, accusing him of raising a satanic woman.

Mr. Hudson handled her rant towards him with a remarkable calm, and even tried to calm her down as well. Keith told TMZ that this was the first time he’d been attacked so viciously about Katy and her work. He went on to say that he believed Christine was going to physically assault him.

He thinks she’s “a bitter and angry woman trying to blame my kid for her kid’s mistakes”. Mr. Hudson says he feels sorry for her. He then went on to say that even though things ended peacefully at the radio station, he wouldn’t be surprised if she waited for him outside of his church.

It is important to note that Christine took particular issue with Katy Perry’s “ET” music video, claiming that she is shown having sex with a demon. The song and its video are clearly about the seduction associated with sex. However, we honestly believe she read into the (alien not demon) metaphor inappropriately. We’ve embedded it below. Judge for yourself.

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