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Katy Perry Hits Career Digital Sales Records With “Roar”

It’s been a busy few days for Katy Perry.  After releasing her latest song “Roar” last Tuesday, it has grown to be one of the biggest things happening in Pop music.  Only days after its release, “Roar” has hit the top of the digital songs chart, selling over 557,000 downloads. That makes it the sixth biggest week for digital music sales ever. According to Billboard, that record marks the biggest digital sales week of Perry’s career so far. Her previous digital sales records were for “Firework”, which sold 509,000 and “Part Of Me” which sold 411,000.

It doesn’t stop there for the Prism machine. Perry has also teamed up with Pepsi for a campaign focused on previewing clips from her Prism album cut “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air.” How it works is Twitter will calculate how often fans tweet the hashtag #katynow. The more people tweet feature the tag, the faster the new clips get unlocked. If fans want even more Katy Perry while they’re busy blowing up Twitter, they can tune into MTV this weekend to watch her close the VMAS.  Cheers to you miss Perry Do your thing!

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