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Six-time Grammy® nominated singer, songwriter and producer Kaskade has announced the return of ‘Sun Soaked’ – a massive outdoor beach party set to take place on Saturday, July 21 in Long Beach, CA. After last year’s sold-out success with 13,000 fans in attendance, Kaskade is bringing the heat back to the sand for the second annual event. Tickets will go on-sale to the general public on Thursday, April 5 at 9am PDT/12pm EDT, following an exclusive fan pre-sale on Tuesday, April 3 at 9am PDT/12pm EDT for those who sign up at

“Of all the projects on the horizon, returning to Long Beach for Sun Soaked is the one that has really got me wound up, in the very best way,” said Kaskade. “Sun Soaked is my baby. Last year it was our first run and believe that we cut our teeth on some amazing experiences there. But this year it’s not baptism by fire – we know what we need to improve to give my audience the best experience. We have more space, more sound, more food, more drinks and more ways to get in as fast as possible. We’re keeping it fun with safety in mind. Essentially, if you go to Sun Soaked, you will make friends, hear the best music of your life, soak up some Vitamin D on the beach and walk away feeling 3x better than you did when you entered.”

Kaskade recently released his new single “Cold As Stone” featuring indie pop songstress Charlotte Lawrence – listen to the track above. “Cold as Stone,” which Billboard called “the break-up message you want to listen to again and again,” marks the first release from Kaskade since he inked a worldwide contract with Sony Music.

Kaskade continues a major U.S. touring schedule this spring and summer, including his Las Vegas residency. Tickets and more information are available at See below for a complete list of upcoming dates.


Kaskade Live Dates
3/31                 OMNIA                        Las Vegas, NV
4/7                   Wet Republic              Las Vegas, NV
4/13                 OMNIA                        Las Vegas, NV
4/21                 Wet Republic              Las Vegas, NV
4/28                 Wet Republic              Las Vegas, NV
4/28                 Hakkasan                    Las Vegas, NV
5/5                   Wet Republic              Las Vegas, NV
5/18                 Wet Republic              Las Vegas, NV
5/18                 EDC                            Las Vegas, NV
5/19                 JEWEL nightclub        Las Vegas, NV
5/25                 RYSE nightclub          St. Charles, MO
5/26                 Talking Stick               Scottsdale, AZ
5/27                 OMNIA                       Cabo, Mexico
6/2                   OMNIA                        Las Vegas, NV
6/3                   Wet Republic              Las Vegas, NV
6/9                   Spring Awakening      Chicago, IL
6/10                 Bonnaroo                   Manchester, TN
6/15                 Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
6/23                 Dreams Festival         Toronto, ON
6/23-6/24         Escapade Festival     Ottawa, CA
6/24                 Wet Republic              Las Vegas, NV
6/30                 Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
7/1                   Wet Republic              Las Vegas, NV
7/6-7/7             Fvded Festival           Vancouver, BC
7/7                   OMNIA                       Las Vegas, NV
7/14                 OMNIA                       Las Vegas, NV
7/20                 X Games                    Minneapolis, MN
8/2                   Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
8/4                   OMNIA                       Las Vegas, NV
8/4-8/5             Chasing Summer       Calgary, AB
8/9                   Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
8/11                 JEWEL Nightclub       Las Vegas, NV
8/17                 Das Energi                 Magna, UT
8/25                 OMNIA                       Las Vegas, NV
9/7                   Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
9/14                 Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
9/22                 Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
9/28                 OMNIA                       Las Vegas, NV
10/6                 Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
10/27               Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV
11/9                 OMNIA                       Las Vegas, NV
11/17               Hakkasan                   Las Vegas, NV