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Justin Timberlake Goes To Cleveland


The Cleveland Show

The Freshly 30 year old old Justin Timberlake can add yet another cartoon voice to his already diverse entertainment resume.  Timberlake will reportedly be voicing a guest starring character for an episode of Fox’s The Cleveland Show, scheduled to air February  20th.  Titled “Terry Unmarried”, the episode explores Cleveland finding out that his wife Donna never legally divorced from her ex Robert, thus making his own marriage illegitimate.  The episode will also feature guest appearances from music stars, T-Pain and Will I Am.

His past voice over credits  include, Arty, from Dreamworks Animation’s  Shrek The Third, and Boo Boo Bear, from Hanna Barbara Productions/Warner Bros Pictures’, Yogi Bear.  Not bad for a guy that has been a successful pop star since the age of 14, and also recently stared in the Oscar nominated Facebook bio pic, The Social Network. Cheers JT!