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Justin Bieber’s Heartwarming New Music Video

Justin Bieber, My World Acoustic, RBMG/Island Records/IDJMG

Justin Bieber, My World's Acoustic, RBMG/Island Records/IDJMG

While many of us Americans were sitting around our dinner tables eating turkey, and reflecting on what we were thankful for this past thanksgiving, Canadian pop star and Clizbeats Featured Artist, Justin Bieber was found  to be reflective and thankful in his own unique way.  Gearing up for a very Black Friday with  the release of his Walmart exclusive, My World’s Acoustic album this past weekend, Justin approached his  expected  success with web wide words of kindles, and the debut of an equally humble music video.  Justin used his signature influence over viral and social medias to clearly  show how he is put in a position to often think of those less fortunate, by confronting the fact that through his time of stardom he serves as  the source of inspiration by having such a  celebrated life.  In his positive new music video. Justin is seen “paying it forward”  in the music video for the My World Acoustic‘s bonus track single, “Pray”, in a way that only a celebrity  as fortunate as him can . Bieber was quoted in reaction to the making of and release of this video saying the following  via twitter:

“We can all make a difference in the world.” The video serves to bring awareness to the tragic issues facing populations around the world.”

He then elaborated on his Facebook page. “I love music and I love your support of my dream. We will never stop. This is just the beginning. Chase your dreams and always try to make a positive difference in other’s lives.”

The reported inspiration for Bieber when making his new song “Pray” and its music video was Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror.”   Personal feelings of Justin Bieber fandom aside, we feel it is the video is quite heartwarming.   it is  filled with great examples of how someone like him can really make a difference in the life of a fan that is truly down and in need of genuine cheer.  To us it was a refreshing example of how pop music spreads happiness and kindness around the world.

Take a look at it and see if you agree.

Justin Bieber

“Pray” Official Music Video

My Word’s Acoustic

RBMG/Island Records/IDJMG