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Justin Bieber Celebrates 20th Birthday Amongst Unfolding Family Drama

Justin Bieber Celebrating His 20th Birthday via Instagram

by Andrew McMahon

It’s been a rough start to 2014 for pop star Justin Bieber. After multiple troubling incidents involving his social life, from alleged drug use to his Jan. 23 arrest for DUI, it seems that he will be dealing with some family issues as well.

Jeremy Bieber, the pop star’s 39-year-old father, has separated from Erin Wagner, the mother of his two kids, Jaxon, 4, and Jazmyn, 5. The reason for the couples split isn’t entirely clear yet, but but reports from Perez Hilton have revealed that the couple’s relationship has been strained by Jeremy’s growing relationship with his more famous son.  Justin’s father was present for a majority of Justin’s recent legal controvercies, and was even noted by reporters as one of the people that helped block traffic for Justin and Khalil’s alleged drag race the night that Justin was charged with his DUI.

sadly, This information first came to light just before the troubled pop star’s 20th birthday this past Saturday. Like many others, we learned of his growing family troubles as we were finally preparing to highlight some music related news, that was once again overshadowed by his personal life drama. That news was that despite saying very publicly that he would retire via interviews and social media back in December, he recently decided to released a new mixtape track called “Broken.”  It’s concept makes reference to many of the issues that his celebrity lifestyle has caused for him. Unfortunately, it was also met with its share of criticism.

 Maybe all the trouble and turmoil the former teenage heartthrob is expressing through song is symbolic of his real life journey to manhood. Only time will really tell.  Ultimately, it will be up to him. In the mean time we’d like to sincerely wish Justin a happy belated birthday by remembering the video for  his block buster single “Baby”. It now holds a place in history as the first video to reach one billion views on Vevo, and become what is know as “VEVO Certified” 10 times! What a birthday present right?  Cheers to you Justin. We look forward to seeing what brings us your next billion. Happy Birthday!

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