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Justin Bieber Banned In The Middle East

Justin Bueber “Purpose” RBMG/School Boy/Def Jam Records

Justin Bieber’s new album has been rejected in the Middle East because of the album art features him shirtless, and what has been determined to be a Christ-like pose. Sources close to the situation told TMZ that Bieber’s new Purpose album is not only causing trouble in several Mid East countries and Indonesia because he’s shirtless, but also because he sports a cross tattoo across his chest. JB’s staff is reportedly scrambling to come up with an alternate cover to accommodate those countries.

The news of this album cover struggle comes on the heals of his much larger skin showing incident from last week. As it was widely reported, Justin was photographed nude on his vacation in Bora Bora. We actually took our time in initially cover this story because like him, we viewed as a huge violation of his privacy as a person. We naturally made an exception to this days later when his father, Jeremy Bieber, publically broke the silence via Twitter to compliment his son’s “exposure.” The folks at Hollywood Life did a nice job at contextualizing the issue. Check it out below.

In the mean time Justin, better than sorry. Although it’s your right to be as naked as you wanna be, it may make it easier on everyone if you just get dressed. Cheers!

Hollywood Life Comments on Justin Bieber’s Nude Photos

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