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Judge Sets Bieber’s Bail Live On Fox News

Judge Sets Justin Bieber’s Bail Live On Fox News

Details continue to pour in about Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest early this morning. Law enforcement sources have now told TMZ, that after being questioned about the cocktail of intoxicators that he admitted to having in his system at the time of his arrest, Bieber claimed that the prescription drug he was on was a Xanax like anti-anxiety med that was given to him by his mother. Justin already had his dad share the headlines with him when details surfaced about being with him being on hand of the scene of his arrest, helping conduct the drag race that drew the attention of the police, and for most likely being fully aware of Justin’s substance abuse.

If it turns out that he has his own prescription for the anti anxiety med it will not be held against him if it is found in his system. However, if he is using his mom’s prescription, that is illegal and it will be counted as part of Bieber’s list of charges that seem to be growing by the day.  Now, in addition to egging a neighbors hours to a scale of 20 thousand dollars worth in damages, he’s got weed and a reported to have had a .04 blood alcohol level in his system.  What’s next Justin?

Well, whatever it is, Bieber’s management team has enlisted the help of attorney Roy Black to help sort it out.  Bravo TV watchers may know Black as the husband to Real Housewife of Miami star Lea Black. If you missed it earlier, see the embedded video below to watch Black rep Bieber as the judge set bail live on Fox News earlier this afternoon. It is quite a sight to see.

Judge Sets Justin Bieber’s Bail

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