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John Mayer’s “Paradise Valley” Album To Include Frank Ocean And Katy Perry

John Mayer

Some new details have broken about what to expect from John Mayer’s soon to be released 6th album Paradise Valley, which is due for release on August 20th.  According to Rolling Stone, Katy Perry is set to be joining him on a ,id-tempo Country music inspired track that is titled “Who You Love. ”  Although we haven’t heard it, many are expecting it to be inspired from their on again, off again relationship status.

Mayer publically discussed his relationship with Perry when making his return to live performing following throat surgery to correct his granuloma, Mayer was quoted as saying “She was so patient” and took the time “to continue to get to know me and love me” while he suffered from vocal issues. The two have not collaborated prior to her appearance on Paradise Valley.

However, Mayer has performed with his other high profile Paradise Valley collaborator, Frank Ocean.  Althoughe John didn’t sing because of his throat issues, he performed with Frank by playing guitar on the Grammy winner’s track, “Pyramid.” He then notably joined Ocean in September of last year to perform the tack on NBC’s SNL.  The entire experience seems to have played a role in cementing an appreciation for Frank’s artistry that has now made for such great music on his latest single.

“Frank is such an interesting, deep, touched, wonderful guy,” Mayer told Rolling Stone in January. “They don’t make a lot of other Frank Oceans, and the guy is looking for another. And the way that his mind works is craving the same frequency that he’s able to communicate on, and I think he’s just searching for that kind of depth that he has inside of himself in someone else. He’s fascinating to me. He’s so great.”

Ocean’s Paradise Valley contribution is additional vocals on the recently released “Wildfire” single.  We think it definitely deserves a listen. Check it out below.

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