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Jessica Simpson’s Hollywood Affair Jul 4, 2006

Jessica Simpson's Hollywood Affair

Jessica Simpson's Hollywood Affair

by Matt Clizbe is back and pulling out all the stops. Perhaps we should take a lesson from the young woman formally known as Mrs. Lachey. This is because Jessica is currently on the rebound from what seems to be a PR bashing due to her split with Nick. Although I remember spinning her singles from debut album Sweet Kisses on the Delaware airwaves, we got to know her best on the MTV hit show, Newlyweds, along side husband, Nick Lachey. The couple’s courtship grew before our eyes, creating an appeal that did nothing but enhance her success as a pop singer.

Although Jessica’s talent was clear since the soft romantic sound of her debut single “I Wanna Love You Forever,” we all know that packaging has always been her friend. We get to see Jess work her media magic in the video for her biggest hit, “With You.” The video chronicles a summery of the swooning love exhibited between her and Nick. The album the song is featured on, In This Skin, proved to be very successful. In fact much of the album’s popularity is credited to that song/video’s relationship to her MTV show.

This time around, Jessica no longer has the support of an MTV reality show or a tolerant husband to springboard the themes of her latest record. Aside from Nick’s “Cry Me A River” factor (referring to Justin Timberlake’s personal song about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Britney Spears) in the Jive records release, What’s Left Of Me, Simpson confidently expresses how positive things are for her. According to an LA Press release regarding her new single and star studded music video, “A Public Affair,” she tells Billboard magazine’s reporter Chuck Taylor about the song.

“This record is perfect!” Whatever Jessica says in her testimonials about her new sound, we all know it is for the people to decide. But what I can tell you is that this song definitely gets in your head.

Along with the first single, the album is called A Public Affair. Maybe it should have been called, A Hollywood Affair. I certainly believe that the video for the song might make you think so. For starters it is directed by X-Men: The Last Stand director, Brett Ratner. “A Public Affair” features cameos from Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria, Bundy daughter, Christina Applegate, and Christina Milian. The song itself was penned with the assistance of Johnta Austin (Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige) and produced by Lester Mendez. The song is currently the most added pop song to radio stations across the country, with industry staples, Z100, and KIISFM leading the way. It is described as “instantly familiar.” It should considering it is spurring a sound alike sound off with Madonna that would make Huey Lewis and Ray Parker Jr. blush. (Referring to “Ghostbusters” sounding like “I Want A New Drug”)

While Jess seems to be in the middle of reinventing herself, music fans are accusing her of taking a page out of Madonna’s book a bit too literally, making a song that is musically identical to the track, “Holiday.” Ultimately, that is a matter of opinion. While running the risk of annoying fans and local DJs, once again she has the support of the national media. In addition to the celebs already mentioned, she also has the support of media notables actress/reporter Maria Menounos (best known for her work on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood), as well as entertainment media giants of past and present, Dick Clark (recently recovering from a stroke) and his successor, American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest (who also appear in the her video). On the day of the video shoot, Simpson told Seacrest’s LA radio show “Don’t feel sorry for me.” How could I? With a Making The Video special and TRL premier on July 19th, along with an album release soon after, the only rivers this ex will cry are tears of joy.