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Jessica Sanchez: Saved By American Idol Judges With Big TV Moment!

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez

We wouldn’t be doing the music world justice if we didn’t cover what happened on American Idol last night. One of the best contestants from this season’s competition, Jessica Sanchez was chosen by America’s vote, or lack there of, to be the one to go home.  Naturally, there was an uproar of disapproval in the studio.  Not only did Randy, Jennifer, and Steven invoke “the judges save”, that can only be used one time in a each season, but they stormed on to the stage to interrupt her, reassure her of her safety, and admonish the American Idol viewers for making what they clearly believed to be the wrong choice.

It was probably one of the most emotion filled moments in music oriented TV this year.  If you missed last night’s episode, it is a must see.  Below, we provided a clip of the occurrence, as well as some of our favorite Jessica Sanchez moments from American Idol. below.  Once again, all of these clips are a must see.

Jessica Sanchez: Saved By Judges on American Idol

Fox TV

Jessica Sanchz

“I Will Always Love You”

Jessica Sanchz

“How Will I Know”

Jessica Sanchesz & Joshua Ledet

“I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”