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Jennifer Lopez Is Proof That Pop Stars Get Hotter With Age Thanks To New Video And Greatest Hits

Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again...The Hits" Epic Records

Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again...The Hits" Epic Records

Despite recently making headlines for leaving Fox’s music powerhouse, American Idol, rest assured that Jennifer Lopez is taking the steps to prove that she still intends to remain a relevant force in the industry. As we first reported to you in June, J-Lo had the first promotional single connected to the new dance film, Step Up Revolution, which hit theatres last Friday. That song, “Goin’ In” is gearing up to have a big impact thanks to its use in the film. The song is a Hip Hop inspired dance track that features a guest appearance from Pop/Dance radio staple, Flo Rida, as well as additional vocals from Lil Jon.  This track is Jennifer’s first collaboration with producer, GoonRock, who is best known on his work with LMFAO on their major Hits, “Party Rock Anthem”, and “Sexy And I Know It.” GoonRock added his style of club infused Dance and mixed it with just the right amount of Hip Hop break dance styled beats for J-Lo to get down to with some sexy choreography in the song’s video!

This is exactly what she did in the song’s recently premiered video. The Ace Norton directed clip shows Lopez getting her dance on in her hoodie, and what is made to look like diamond studded lip stick. Flo Rida who is featured on the track is seen shirtless in front of strobe lights and a Lamborghini. Flo talked about that experience to Rap,

“They had me performing around this Lamborghini, it was really different ’cause there was one scene where I got on this treadmill and they had me running while performing my verse. I had a chance to look back at the video and it seemed like over the top”

The video was first premiered on July 25th on MTV outlets as part of their promotional campaign, “MTV First: Jennifer Lopez.” Jocelyn Vena of MTV News described the video as “dazzling spectacle of grinding dance moves, eye-popping visuals and a whole lot of glitter” and also described the plot in a review:

“The video opens with Lopez blowing a dandelion with her crystal-covered lips. As the spores begin to take flight, they turn into glittery specs floating into space. It’s the first of many moments that focus on what looks cool, instead of telling a cohesive story. Next, she dons a bright pink cape and is surrounded by white wolves, which then cuts to multiple setups of her in various sparkly outfits, popping and locking in front of “Waiting for Tonight”-inspired lasers and alongside an army of dancers. Neon paint spills everywhere, dancers punch through brightly-colored walls, people pound drums with colored sand, cars bounce about and fire hydrants spout colored liquid.”

American Idol fans may remember that Lopez first performed the song on the May finale of Season 11 of the show. In that performance, she not only introduced us to “Goin’ In”, but she also invited Reggaeton duo, Wisin & Yandel to help her perform their song, “Follow The Leader.” Lopez then proved that she has gotten better with age, as she looked hotter than ever in that song’s accompanied music video that later premiered back in May as well.

Also as “Goin’ In” is featured on the Step Up Revolution soundtrack, it is also included on J-Lo’s recently released first greatest hits album, Dance Again…The Hits, which was released on July 20th. The compilation serves as an example of versatility, mapping out J-Lo’s continued relevance in the music industry over a time span of over 13 years. It shows her ability to grow with the changes in music trends, while also making music that always showcased her fun and energetic personality as a Hip Hop and Dance inspired Pop singer. She has always appeared to naturally execute the right mixture of artistic integrity, sensuality, confidence, and work ethic that continues to make her the star she is.

Even though many would say that it was her massive exposure on American Idol that put her back in the lime light in the music business, But it could also be said that she used that exposure to re-write the rules of being a female Pop star sex symbol. At age 42 J-Lo did what many would consider to be impossible. Her 2011 single, “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull became her first single to appear on the Billboard Pop singles chart since 2007. Additionally, in Canada “On the Floor” became Lopez’s fourth Canadian chart-topper, and highest charting single in nine years following “If You Had My Love” (1999), “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” (2001) and “Jenny from the Block” (2002).  Since then, the lead single from this greatest hits package, “Dance Again” also gave J-Lo her third highest debut on the charts at number 27, after “All I Have” which debuted at 25 in 2002 and “On the Floor” which debuted at 9 in 2011.

So even though J-Lo did end up leaving Idol despite being one of the most liked judges on the show, she does so probably at the best time to start the next chapter of her career as a performer.  At this time Step Up Revolution’s, “Goin’ In” is getting noticed as “definitely Jenny at her fiercest.” (People Magazine), and she is embarking on a massive tour with another Latin Pop star, Enrique Iglesias. With that said, if anyone feels disappointed upon her departure, all you have to do is take a moment to remind yourself how she actually got there. Jennifer Lopez has brought new meaning to the word multitalented. She started off being a dancer, then became a well respected ground breaking actress for Latina women, only to go on to become a multi-platinum singer for Sony’s Epic Records. Who would have that she would age so gracefully, and remain consistent enough with her artistic integrity to successfully experience a resurgence in her musical relevance with Island Def Jam Music Group, despite many thinking it was a mistake? Well one thing is for sure, J-Lo certainly did. Throughout her entire career she has made it her mission to learn the rules of the game of entertainment, only to respectfully break them, and redefine the boundaries of what is possible in this world for anyone reaching for their dreams. So now that her recent chapter in television has ended, what can we expect from the woman who still calls herself “ Jenny From The Block”? Well the only thing you need to know is that when it comes to Jennifer Lopez, always expect the unexpected.

Jennifer Lopez Featuring Flo Rida

“Goin In”

From Step Up Revolution Soundtrack

Summit Entertainment/Offspring Entertainment/Island Def Jam Music Group/Interscope Records

Jennifer Lopez Featuring Flo Rida And Wisin & Yande

American Idol Season 11 Finale Performance

Wisin & Yande Featuring Jennifer Lopez

“Follow The Leader”

From Líderes

WY Records/Machete Music

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