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Introducing Alicia Madison

Alicia Madison

Alicia Madison

It has always been a passion of ours at to introduce everyone to new and exciting talent on the rise. With that said it is our pleasure to introduce you to New Jersey’s  Alicia Madison! Alicia is one of those special people who always knew she wanted to be a singer from a very young age, and is determined enough to do what is neede to make her dream come true. Like many singers she began with every opportunity she could. She sang in school, church and various fund raisers. That eventually lead to an opportunity to sing the national anthem at New Jersey’s Blue Claw stadium at age 16.

Since age 17, Alicia has been the front singer with several wedding bands throughout the tri-state area as well as performing in various clubs.   While attending high school, Alicia travelled to New York City  every week for voice training with  songwriter, Tina Shafer and acting coach, Caroline Thomas.  While training, working and going to school, Alicia also found time to help with fundraising events, some of which included working with many soap opera stars.  Several people from ABC’s All My Children took such a liking to her that they invited her to play an extra in two episodes of the show standing side by side with acclaimed soap opera actress Susan Lucci.   

Later during college, Alicia’s love for music inspired her to become a  vocal coach at Freehold New Jersay’s, Music University. Soon after that, Alica got an internship at the New York offices of Warner Bros. Records. It was there where she met Tommy Page, a former Warner Bros. recording artist turned music executive. At the time Tommy was VP of A&R at Warner Bros. He has worked with the likes of Ashley Tisdale, Charice, Iyaz amd many others. One day Tommy got to hear Alicia sing and was impressed with her talent. He quickly introduced her to Gary Salzman of Big Management  With her manager’s direction, Alicia was soon introduced to writers David Worby and Michael Grant to begin the writing of what would be her first single. 

“The whole writing and recording process has been a great learning experience. The writing was the scariest part for me,” says Madison. “It was really hard for me to be that vulnerable and let out my deepest and darkest feelings, but like many other musicians will say, it is the best therapy you can ever experience. It’s true, the best songs are made when you put all your emotions out on the table and just go for it.”  

The song writing led to the creation of the song “Superstar”, a dance club track that gets anyone on the dancefloor that hears it

‘Superstar’ was one of those songs that I just had to write,” exclaims Madison. “It is about a person who knows they look good and expects attention from everyone around them….someone who believes they are some kind of celebrity or something.  I’m sure people can relate!”The song was released on May 2nd on ITunes! Take a listen below!

Alicia Madison


Superstar by Alicia Madison