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Interscope Records Drops Controversial Rapper Chief Keef

Chief Keef

Rapper Chief Keef has been trending on social media thanks to breaking the story that he has parted ways with Interscope Records. Reports indicate that Keef and his former label were unable to reach an agreement regarding the development of a second album. This is because Interscope reportedly views the 19 year old as a high risk liability following a series of lawsuits and drug based legal cases in 2013 and 2014.

Aware of these controversies, Chief Keef’s management team relocated the Chicago based rapper to LA in an effort to mend the relationship with Interscope’s home base, and allow the label to have a more consistent involvement in Keef’s career. That effort ended up being in vain. Despite management’s efforts to set meetings, Interscope was uninterested.

An anonymous source told AllHipHop, “Keef and his people tried to keep the label accountable (once Keef moved to Los Angeles) but Interscope didn’t seem interested in dropping a new album. Keef’s team tried to have formal meetings but nothing moved.”

Chief Keef confirmed the split on his Twitter account yesterday, saying that it was time to make “that indie money.” Best of luck.