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Indie Artist Spotlight: Harbour


Cincinnati-based indie pop/rock band, Harbour,  are celebrating the  release of their sophomore EP With Love! he sophomore EP was written with the idea of doing what you do simply for the love of it.  It is about growth, and human nature, and the idea that everybody goes through the same things. The band wanted to push the idea of living with passion, and enthusiasm, and getting away from the traditional blueprint of life that is laid out for you, pushing the ideal that With Love: anything is possible.
We encourage everyone to never forget from where they came. Maybe you can remember a time when passion and love came before a paycheck; we want to encapsulate those times, and bring them back. We want everyone to remember what it is to have a heart full of love that is young to its core. Do what brings you joy, and do it With Love” – Harbour


Harbour is a 4-piece indie/pop/rock band from Cincinnati, OH. Since 2014, their youthful, energetic vibe has cultivated a strong core following in the Midwest.

Harbour’s intimate connection with their fans has helped boast a healthy reputation of consistently sold out shows, with fans lining up hours before to share the experiences and bond with one another. The music industry is beginning to take notice, with supports for nationals like X Ambassadors and music festival appearances at Bunbury and Longstone. After releasing a fan favorite self-titled album in 2014, the band is gearing up to release their sophomore EP, With Love, which is already garnering interest from the licensing and label world.

With a upcoming tour dates, their new EP and the beginning of a successful career, Harbour is out to prove that with love, anything is possible.


Harbour “With Love” 2015 Tour (featuring Indigo Wild)

8/6 – Dayton, OH @ Canal Public House

8/7 – Cincinnati, OH @ Dave & Buster’s

8/8 – Louisville, KY @ Driftwood Fest 2015
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