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Weatherstar (Cameron Walker)

I’ve always had an eagerness to create,” explains British/American Weatherstar creator Cameron Walker. “I taught myself guitar and began writing songs in middle school. Since then all I ever want to do is write songs. I feel it’s my main purpose in life and I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. There have been periods of time where I’ll literally lock myself in my room for days working on a song until it’s finished. I feel like the isolation brings out my creativity and once I start something I can’t stop until I finish.”
In just two years Weatherstar has released three EP’s, toured nationally, performed at the Vans Warped Tour, has been noted as being “buzz-worthy” by MTV, Seventeen, J-14, Substream Magazine as well as Alternative Press Magazine and has been featured on Purevolume’s Top Unsigned list. Even for a new up and coming artist like Weatherstar growth is a necessity. The electro pop band’s latest release “Crystal Ball” (produced by Andrew Goldstein of theFriday Night Boys) demonstrates a new direction that Weatherstar founder Cameron Walker couldn’t be more proud of.

“What’s really cool about our sound is that even though we have this crazy electronic element going on, the heart of a rock band comes through. In some songs we have this really full synth heavy foundation which is layered with super powerful dirty guitars. Then we sprinkle that with Blink-182-esque guitar leads. Vocally I draw a lot of influence from Kenny Vasoli of ‘The Starting Line.’ I love Blink and The Starting Line and pop punk but I also love Katy Perry and have a love for top 40 pop music. Our drummer Billy is a huge Michael Jackson fan.. but he’s super well rounded in jazz and other styles, he is a huge asset to the project. We love so many different kinds of music and I think this contributes to the uniqueness of our sound. I’m really flexible with things… I’ll be super into something and then the next day I want to do something else. Keeping this band sounding fresh is important to me, it keeps me on my toes and exploring new things. We are constantly evolving and changing. It’s the way of he future.”

Although Weatherstar’s future is still unraveling Walker states that he’s “just getting warmed up” and ready for whatever life has to offer.




“Crystal Ball”

Weatherstar Featuring Mason

“Breaking My Heart”