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REILL vid still cropped

Re-ill From his music video for "Story Of A Dreamer"

Tyre Richardson AKA Re-ill was born in 1989. He was raised in North Carolina. Hip Hop  first became part of Re-ill’s life in 2002. Prior to then it was rare for him to listen to music at all.  Once music did enter his life however, he was quickly drawn Hip Hop by becoming battle rapper.

His interest intensified that much more in 2006 when he began to regularly accompany friends of his to a local recording studio. It was their that his growing love for the genre especially shined through.  He soaked up everything he could and thoroughly learned the ins and outs of how Hip Hop is created. From then on it didn’t take long before he knew that he wanted Hip Hop to play a major part in his life.  Eager to further foster his growing talent, Re-ill  dedicated all of his time to his craft, dreaming to one day become a serious Hip Hop artist. Before long his confidence with song writing and recording grew that much more, and by 2008 Re-ill was regularly experimenting with a variety of different styles to better find the sound he could call his own.  That experimentation lead him to a Hip Hop sound with more of a specific  pop music influence.  This was especially true when he found success making a popular remix of Brittney spears’ “womanizer”.

The experience of blending his flow with one of the Pop Icon’s signature songs allowed him to eventually find the sonic path that personally fit him best.  By 2009 Re-ill was growing to finallt be comfortable with his newly found musical passion, continuing his journey by performing live for the first time.   That performance was so well received that he was then absolutely sure that he had been blessed with a nature gift for music and performing. From that point on the dream of becoming a professional Pop and Hip Hop artist was his full time obsession.

Re-ill currently resides in  Atlanta where he is working hard to become a star.  Please do what you can to show him your love and support while he fights to achieve his inspiring goal. Cheers to you Re-ill. Yours truly is a very accomplished “story of a dreamer”.

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“Story Of A Dreamer”

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