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#ICYMI: Suge Knight: Chest Pains Caused By Gun Shot Related Blood Clot

Suge Knight

Following formally being charged with murder, Death Row Records founder  was rushed to the hospital after complaining about chest pain and as it turns out, it was much more then a panic attack. TMZ’s exclusive revealed that those chest pains wasn’t him seeking a diversion or distraction or a panic attack because of the stress if his current situation. Sourcesin Kight’s family say that doctors determined that those pains were the result of a clot that formed from when he was shot in Las Vegas 6 times over the summer.

Suge was already near death because of a clot related to these circumstances when he happened to be held in a Vegas based jail 3 months ago. He has been moved to Long Beach Memorial Hospital where he was put on blood thinners.  He is handcuffed to his bed under 24 hour watch.