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#ICYMI: Universal Music Group Stepping In To Mediate Lil Wayne’s Dispute With Cash Money Records

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The latest in the YMCMB Civil War hit TMZ this morning, and depending on how things go, Lil Wayne could end up staying with Cash Money after all. Sources close to the situation say Universal Music Group, which distributes Cash Money Records under and exclusive licensing agreement, has been pressuring Cash Money to fix the problem with their flagship artist.  This is because Wayne’s lawsuit increased dramatically since our last report from the $8 million advance that he was owed for his work related to the actual creation of “Tha Carter V” album, and $2 million for it’s completion, to an extraordinary $51 million.

The massive number jump came as the result of a penalty against Cash Money Records, based the projected long-term loss of profit Wayne would have to endure when leaving his long time label.  Recognizing the ripple effect of damage this suite could cause for all parties involved, Universal is prepping to step in and pay Cash Money’s $10 million debt to Wayne. Doing so would kill the basis for Weezy’s breach of contract claim against Cash Money, and effectively force him to stay with the company for the duration of that contract, or face a possible breach claim himself.

If Universal ends up fronting an unplanned $10 million to bankroll a “retain Wayne” insurance policy of sorts, all of a sudden, the rapper’s leaving its partner label Cash Money Records is increasingly hard to justify. That said, those close to the situation claim that Cash Money’s CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams withheld Wayne’s owed $10 million as a “power play” of control over their relationship. If this is true and their now very public rift gets factored into the equation as well, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll be able to continue the harmonious working relationship that first characterized Birdman and Lil Wayne as hip hop’s surrogate father and son, taking on the world together. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more, just incase you missed it.