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#ICYMI: This Is Jeopar-BEY!: Alex Trebek Dedicates Entire Category To Beyonce

We’d like to take a moment to thank Alex Trebek for helping provide what we thing is one the funniest viral clips to hit the web this week! No, he wasn’t in any sort of comedy routine, but the long time host of Jeopard! flipped things a bit when he introduced an entire category dedicated to the one and only Beyonce’.  As you’ll see from the provided clip, Jeopardy soon turned to Jeopar-BEY, and the normally reserved 74 year old host began schooling the contestants about everything Beyonce and Jay-Z. The best part was when he corrected a contestant that misspoke, explaining that the famous song in question at that moment wasn’t “Drunk on love”, It was Drunk In Love.” Speaking as both obvious music lovers, and Jeopardy! viewers since childhood, watching this blend of worlds was a real treat. Check it out for yourself.