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#ICYMI: Taylor Swift’s New BFF Lorde? Duet Coming Soon?

Taylor Swift With Lorde via Wire Images
  – Taylor Swift With Lorde via Wire Images

by Smashley Nicole

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift and Lorde spent time together after rumors surfaced about the two working on a duet. Check out the adorable photo of the new BFFs and their matching outfits.

tswift Lorde instagram

‘Bare feet in the sand on a Saturday…’ (Photo via Taylor Swift’s Instagram)

Seriously, How cute are they? There are also photos of the two walking with frequent dance breaks, Daily Mail  has all those photos and more.

A duet from these two could be pretty interesting.  Lorde recently said, ‘The cool thing about Taylor is she is pretty willing to go a lot of places with music. I think that last record in particular, everyone was, like, “Whoa, a lot of ground has been covered”.

‘And I think with an artist like her the sky is the limit.’ Check out that full interview here.  So, could a duet be in the works?  Their styles of music are obviously very, very different.  Taylor has a country gone pop flare, and Lorde with has her own unique artsy sound. A duet would be pretty interesting. We’ll let you know if it happens!


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