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#ICYMI: Simon Cowell Losing TV Touch?

Simon Cowell
  – Simon Cowell

by Smashley Nicole

What a busy, eventful year it has been for Simon Cowell. As you’ve probably already heard, the “X Factor USA” has been cancelled. According to Perez Hilton  the show didn’t go down without a fight, what Cowell did to try to save the show, however, may surprise you. Turns out, the loud mouthed, opinionated judge tried to secretly reach out to NBC to find the show a new home station. NBC however, turned down the show, as they are already home to “The Voice”.  As a result, Cowell will be returning to the UK to rejoin the “X Factor UK judging panel.

On a related note, FOX’s “American Idol” may also soon follow in the “X Factor USA”s footsteps.  TMZ reports the show that has been steadily declining in viewers, and is expected   to lose money this year. This insn’t because its a bad  show. It’s because it is an expensive show! Unspecified reports indicate that  Jennifer Lopez gets paid over $15 Mil, and Ryan Seacrest is getting close to the same amount. The views being down means advertising dollars, with the show also spending around $5 million on viewer phone calls. “American Idol” is one of the most successful shows ever on television with 13 seasons under its belt. It’s definitely going to be sad to see it go, if that ends up being the case.

Simon may be on a down slope, but nothing seems to be slowing down fellow  former X Factor USA judge, Demi Lovato. She is the author of a New York Times best seller “Staying Strong”, is currently on her Neon Lights Tour, and was a prominently featured star on the best selling  Frozen soundtrack for Walt Disney Records.

It’s sad to see the show go, but between all the good things that Demi has going on, and the fact that Simon is a new father of new born baby Eric, it seems like everyone will have plenty going on. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes next!

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