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#ICYMI: Scott Stapp Ask For Over $400 K From Fans To Fund New Solo Album Following Viral Video Controversy

Still Image From Scott Stapps First “Public Statement”

By Andrew McMahon & Matt Clizbe 

As many of you may have heard, former Creed lead singer, Scott Stapp, recently released a video on his Facebook page stating that he was penniless and living at a holiday inn. That said, one week later, Stapp also launched a crowdsourcing campaign asking fans to donate $480,000 to fund his next solo album in hopes of fixing his headline grabbing cash flow problem that he claims is the result of a fiscal conspiracy against him conducted by his banks banks and record label.

If the campaign reaches its goal (which when we last checked sat at $562 from 226 supporters), it will be Stapps third solo album, and his first work since creed reunited for their fifth studio album. The campaign would also go towards his first attempt at publishing a fiction novel. No details about his unexplained novel have been released.

Unfortunately, as you surely can imagine, this story isn’t simply about an artist’s wildly fantastic plea to finance and indie project. It is about Scott Stapp’s questionable mental state coming into even greater focus now that his family and friends’ have begun to react to his erratic behavior.

All of whatever is really going on with Mr. Stapp, has gone public in the aftermath of his wife Jaclyn Stapp announcing plans for a divorce. As we covered last week, Jaclyn states that Scott disappeared in early October, and began sending her a bizarre series of text messages.

While news of Jaclyn’s decision called attention to Scott’s behavior, he decided to use his now infamous viral video presence to emphatically defend his sobriety, claiming in his first video entitled, “Public Statement 1”, “I’m sober as can be. Once the rumors started coming out I began getting blood and urine tests once a week just in case someone called me to the carpet on it, I can prove it.”

As it has been widely reported, that first “Public Statement” video, which Stapp released just before the Thanksgiving holiday, was followed by two more that he ultimately deleted.  After watching reposted versions of them, it isn’t hard to see why. When it comes to the point he was trying to make, those videos ultimately backfired, exhibiting the alleged behavior that those closest to him are concerned about, in a magnified and very public light that appears to be an unflattering enhancement of an already existing personal problem for Scott and his family.

“This really isn’t new,” a family friend tells PEOPLE. “Scott has a great heart. But there are times that he’s in a bad place. When you talk to him, you can tell that he believes exactly what he’s saying, even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You can tell that he’s convinced in his mind. It’s very troubling.”

Naturally, People’s report states that his friends and family are quite alarmed with his behavior.

“I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve reached out to Scott Stapp,” Creed bassist Brian Marshall wrote on his Facebook page. “We talked briefly yesterday and he seems to be okay. I let him know that we were all worried and if he needed a sober friend to talk to that I’m always available.”

“It is a very painful and personal matter for the family,” Jaclyn attorney, Jason Brodie, tells PEOPLE in a statement. “Jaclyn loves Scott very much. It is now apparent the seriousness of Scott’s health. Jaclyn has taken all the necessary steps to help him. She previously arranged for the appropriate treatment and will continue to try and help him. Her primary concern remains the best interest of their children. Jaclyn asks for privacy for her and her children during this difficult time.”

“No one will give up on Scott,” says the family friend. “He just needs a lot of help, and the support of people who love him.”

Reports indicate that Scott Stapp was committed to a 72-hour psychiatric hold last month.  We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about this developing story.