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#ICYMI: Scooter Braun Talks Music Management In The Wake Of Bieber’s Bad Press

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After Justin Bieber announced to his millions of fans on social media that he’d no longer take pictures with them because he felt “like a zoo animal” yesterday, we couldn’t help but look at our own picture with the then “Never Say Never” star and remember why we backed him so passionately as one of our featured artists. The fact is, while some of his behavior is indefensible, and he needs to remember how extra ordinarily lucky he is to have his unique brand of fame blossom, we’ve also seen him receive many a cheep shot through out the course of his relatively young career, and watch the mix of negativity from him and others create a perception that causes people to dismiss the former YouTuber’s star making “It factor.” Rather than join in the growing narrative of negativity against a 22 year old, who statistically has more eyes on him than that of 4 hit network TV shows at any time thought social media, we thought we’d put some good karma out there in the form a recently aired interview with JB’s manager Scooter Braun by PBS/CBS News anchor Charlie Rose.

Like many of his interviews, the media mogul does play up the underdog aspects of his journey, and over simplifies the uniqueness of the opportunities that placed him where he is today. However, Braun does exhibit a great deal of humility, and with the help of a clip from EDM star Skrillex, does a great job placing a much needed context around Bieber’s success, talent, and fame. In the wake of all of this bad press, we figured it would only be fair to make sure that this side of things got a bit more light shined on it.   Bad news travels fastest, especially, online. All we’re saying is that you need to consider all sides of the story when getting the big picture. See related media below.

Scooter Braun Talks Music Management 

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“Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber

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