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#ICYMI: Rapper Chief Keef Banned In Chicago

Chief Keef

Chicago has banned rapper Chief Keef, because of his criminal record. As it was widely reported earlier this week, Chief Keef wanted to perform in the city to honor the death of another rapper and boy killed in gang violence. The normally controversial rapper was set to performed from Beverly Hills via hologram,  for the event taking place in Chicago. It didn’t work out that way because the police shut down the concert.

Although Mr. Keef does have a history of courting controversy in his short 19 years, the over zealous politicians that banned him have inadvertently turned him into the latest poster boy for first amendment rights. Why? Well, because he was shut down without having done anything.  Whether you like rap or not, or like his rap or not, the situation poses some pretty big questions regarding freedom of expression.

Political commentators Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of  The Young Turks do a great job providing contextual commentary about everything involved. Check it out below and get caught up on all the issues. Cheers!

Rapper’s Hologram Shutdown By Mayor

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