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#ICYMI: Quit Playing Games with Our Hearts; Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls Tour

Photo Credit: Tumblr

By: Smashley Nicole

Earlier this month, the Backstreet Boys announced their summer tour with Avril Lavigne. Well, this week a rumor surfaced that ’90s kids dreams would be coming true with a Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys tour. Could you imagine how amazing that would be?! Sadly,according to Huffington Post a BSB rep, along with band member AJ McLean have denied these claims. Brian Littrell is still teasing the collab, by posting a photo via instagram calling out the girls.




It’s not all bad though, in a recent interview, although AJ says the tour isn’t happening right now, it could possibly happen in the future as they are open to the idea. Also in this interview AJ mentions possibly touring with New Kids on the Block again. Yes, please!!

You can check out that video below.

AJ McLean interview with ZoominTV UK

Oh, the possibilities.

It’s not all bad for the Spice Girls either, it’s pretty well-known that the reason the girl power group hasn’t made a comeback is because Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice isn’t on board. According to TVNZ,  Beckham did however give the group her blessings this week to go on without her.  This year marks the bands 20 year anniversary, so hopefully they’ll do big things as a quintuplet much like BSB.

Fingers crossed. As always we’ll be there to keep you informed, just incase you missed it.

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