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#ICYMI: Nicki Minaj Releases Nazi Glorfying Lyric Vidoe While Managing The Loss Of 15 Year Relationship

Nicki Minaj has always courted controversy to methodically use the attention to usher her way through the ranks of the pop culture mainstream, and she’s built a truly impressive career thus far as a result. That said, it’s pretty that this time, she’s probably gone too far. The YMCMB rapper is under some well-deserved fire, following the recent release of her new “Only” animated lyric video, that depicts her as a Nazi-like figure in a creative concept that imitates the old Natzi related news reels with a totally inappropriate, ignorant, and insensitive glorification of the Third Reich. As you can see, the Jeff Osborne directed video, which also includes equally offensive animated images of Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne as Nazi soldiers and religious figures, replaces related swastikas with the Young Money Entertainment logo, taking things well beyond what many would deem as an acceptable level of artistic shock value or edginess, and far far beyond anything resembling good taste.

Sadly, this is perhaps the biggest mistaken risk of her career thus far, and the first time that her artistic expression has gone beyond titillating, risqué, or shocking, to thoughtless and harmful. This criticism doesn’t even include the standoffish nature of the song’s lyrical subject matter. If you’ve heard it or choose to listen to it now, you’ll hear that the song seems to be a lyrical taunt of sorts toward her recently nixed Ex- boyfriend, featuring verses of her, Drake, and Lil Wayne discussing weather they’ve had sex with one another, and the fact that Drake very much wants to, and is basically begging for permission to do so.

When considering the inappropriate and ostentatious nature of the imagery and provocative lyrics, the one thing that is most clear to us, is that she seems to have something to prove in a way that is actually not necessary. The only rationalization that could potentially be applied to all of this, is the fact that some of her artistic lashing out is the result of some of her private relationship pain.  Contrary to of how some may view her public image, until recently Nicki was in a longterm relationship with her ex Safaree Samuels for 15 years. The couple was even rumored to be engaged, until Samuels’ reported jealousy of Minaj caused their split.

This theory was solidified after watching clips from MTV’s EMAs from this past weekend.  In the midst of a medley that also included both “Super Bass” and “Anaconda” included the debut of her new, and possibly most personal song called “Bed Of Lies.” Check out the lyrics below.

“You could never make eye contact.

Everything you got was based off of my contacts

You a fraud, but I’mma remain icon-stat

Balenciaga’s on my boots with the python strap

You was caught up in the rush, and you was caught up in the thrill of it

You was with me way before I hit a quarter mil’ in it

Put you in the crib and you ain’t never pay a bill in it

I was killin’ it, man you got me poppin’ pills in it

I told Baby hit you, I said this dude buggin’

Cause I was doing it for us, I told em fuck the public

Couldn’t believe that I was home alone contemplating

Overdosin’, all the postin’, no more toastin’ over oceans

They say you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone

They say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

But there was something I should’ve asked all along.”


Its not an excuse, but it may be a window into her reasons as to why. What do you think? Comment on Facebook or tweet us On Twitter and let us know what you think.