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#ICYMI: Nerdist Presents Bruno Mars’ Parody “That Spidey Life”

In case you missed it, Nerdist published what could be the coolest music video in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the above music video parody of Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like”, Spider-Man sings a smooth pop anthem about all the stuff that makes life worth living, web slinging and wall crawling. It’s actually pretty impressive how well they blended all things Spidy and Bruno Mars. Could this be his new theme song?  Check it out above!

The song clearly celebrates Spider-man’s recent inclusion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the approaching release of Marvel Studios/Columbia Pictures’ joint effort Spider-Man Homecoming, The hotly anticipated film hits theaters on July 7th. Cheers!

Spider-Man Home Coming Trailer 2

Marvel Studios/Columbia Pictures/LStar Capital/Sony Pictures Entertainment

Bruno Mars
“That’s What I Like”
From: 24K Magic
Atlantic Records