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#ICYMI: Miley’s Wardrobe Malfunction, Crazy Antics, and Softer Side

Bangerz Tour Official Poster

By: Smashley Nicole

Performing in front of thousands of people in your underwear is pretty much what nightmares are made of.  For Miley Cyrus, that  was all a part of her weekend all due to a missed quick change that left her with a huge wardrobe malfunction. The singer tweeted: “Not a new outfit for 23. I didn’t make a quick change and I couldn’t not come out for the song so I just ran out in my undies”. She then later tweeted, ”Never happened to me before. But I love my fans as much as they love me! I couldn’t miss 23.” On the bright side, at least her undies were black and red.

Miley rocks her wardrobe malfunction on stage. (


There is also this photo of Miley being Miley and motor boating Amazon Ashley.


Miley on stage motor boating Amazon Ashley (Photo:

It’s pretty safe to say, between crazy reviews, angry parents, wardrobe malfunctions, and getting insanely up close and personal with dancers, there is never a dull moment on her Bangerz tour.

It’s not all crazy though. Miley recently  took a break in Minnesota to meet a teen fan who is battling leukemia thanks to her friends, sister,  and classmates getting the singer’s attention via social media site Twitter using the hashtag “#MileyToLulu”.


Miley and Lulu meeting for the first time. (photo: KARE)

How sweet is that?

Turns out Lulu and her friends spent weeks trying to get the singer’s attention. They found out Monday night that they would not only be attending the concert, but Lulu and her friends would also be going backstage to meet Miley. Lulu says it was memorable and goes on to say Miley is nice. Lulu gave her a shirt and a team Lulu bracelet, that Miley loved and they took pictures of together. Lulu jokes, “”I’ll probably brag about it at school until I graduate and then after I get married too”.  It’s so great to see stars taking time for those who support them. You can read that full story here.

Miley Cyrus Wardrobe Malfunction
23 live performance

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