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#ICYMI: Michael Clifford Of 5 Seconds Of Summer Shouts Out Batman Villain While discussing This weekend’s Pyrotechnics Accident

Image via DC Comics/Instagram

In case you missed it, one of the biggest music news stories to hit the web this weekend was that of Michael Clifford getting caught on fire when performing at a concert in London with his band 5 Seconds of Summer.  As TMZ’s related video shows, Clifford was injured in a pyrotechnics accident on Saturday that lit both his hair, and part of his face on fire. Reports show that while the band was performing, Clifford stood a bit too close to the on stage exploding effects, and his hair and part of his face were quickly set a blaze because of it.  The incident occurred as the band was nearing the end of their set, so they abruptly cut their intended encore, and rushed him to the hospital.

After the incident, Clifford took to social media to thank fans for their support, and proudly show his new resemblance to a Batman villain.

“What the f***s up.  sorry I couldnt finish the encore but at least I look like two face, thanks for worrying.”

Naturally, this got him a lot of comparisons to a different Michael, Michael Jackson, who suffered similar injuries while taping a Pepsi commercial with his famous family in 1984.  Illustrious comparisons aside, Michael Clifford soldiered on and performed at the same venue on Sunday. Being a man of few words, he acknowledged the incident when the band performed their song, “Long Way Home.” As he sang the song’s lyrics “Catching fire like kerosene.” Michael added the word, “Literally” as a nod to everything that happened. Cheers to you Michael. Stay out of trouble, especially the flammable kind!

See related video below

via TMZ